Kenya Police Blasted For Using Twitter To Cleanse Its Poor Public Image

Police officers have in the past been blamed for killing those whom they should be protecting. Many deaths have been reported, among them, people fallen by bullets shot without any good reason.

Kenya Police Blasted For Using Twitter To Cleanse Its Poor Public Image
Officers man DCI headquarters in Nairobi. [Photo/ Courtesy]

In attempts to clear its public image, the Kenya Police has reportedly decided to post frequent updates on its Twitter handle over how they are counteracting crimes. 

This is reportedly the opposite of the previous situations that have witnessed untold suffering and to some extent deaths occasioned by police brutality.

Despite sources attributing about 20 deaths to police brutality meted on civilians while enforcing the Covid-19 restrictions among them the dusk to dawn curfew, Kenya Police seems determined in cleansing its perception by the public. 

However, the statistics cannot go unnoticed over how many lives have been lost in the hands of those who ought to be protectors to the unarmed civilians.

According to the Missing Voices report, about 778 have disappeared or died in the arms of law enforcers for the last 5 years. Out of this number, 166 represents 2020 alone.  

Despite the many deaths and disappearances, only a few police officers have been brought to judgement over their involvement as per Kenya’s Independent Policing Oversight Authority (Ipoa) report.

Owing to the increased tweeting, many have now concerned about how the body is scaling up its Public Relations (PR) despite their evident brutality with many people seeing them as killers rather than protectors.

Defending its move, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) noted that the increased tweeting was aimed at engaging the public, an act that will in one way or another help fight the crime.