Kenyan Economy Commended By IMF

IMF Congratulates Kenyan Economy, says that the country is making a step

Kenyan Economy Commended By IMF

International Monetary Fund(IMF) held a meeting with President William  Ruto at The State House. The team was led by its Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva. 

The team commended the contry on fiscal measures. Georgieva promised to partner with Kenya and work with her team for te benefit of the country. Some of the areas IMF will tuckle is debt sustainability, transparency and accountability.

IMF has,in the past years help in the technical and financial areas. 

President Ruto has promised to cooperate with IMF in regards to Kenya`s economy. 

"We commit to staying the course, especially on fiscal discipline and prioritising projects that will have a circulation of money," President Ruto said.

IMF`s support to the country`s economy means a better place for the same. The country`s economy went downhill in 2019 after the strike of Covid-19. The government has since been working on getting things back up.  Things might turn up straight with the assurance of working with IMF.