Kenyans Applaud Winnie Odinga's Exclusive Interview on Citizen TV

Kenyans have flocked to celebrate Raila Odinga's daughter, Winnie Odinga, following an exclusive interview that was conducted by Citizen TV news anchor Wahiga Mwaura on November 15 at 9 p.m.

Kenyans Applaud Winnie Odinga's Exclusive Interview on Citizen TV

Winnie Odinga stood out as being very eloquent, making Kenyans envious of her posture during the interview. A number of Kenyans were also taken aback by her articulation during the interview. Winnie's interview has also made Kenyans see her as a brilliant young lady who is more suited to a leadership role in the country.

Winnie Odinga was previously nominated to the East African Legislative Assembly by the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) (EALA). Several leaders and Kenyans have now come out in support of her candidacy for the seat.

Winnie further defended herself during the interview stating that if elected for the position, she would build a coalition of the willing. She further added that the coalition would much dwell on the people and not politics. She also added that the coalition will help Africans to move past Western interference into a smarter and well-equipped continent.

She also stated that her desire to unite Kenya's young people drives her bid to be appointed to the EALA committee. According to Winnie, the country's education system is unprepared to prepare them for today's world. Winnie reiterated her desire to help young Kenyans and Africans in general.

"Our education system is 30 years in the past. It worries me that even in 15 years, what will our young people be doing when the world has developed even further," Winnie stated.

Here are some remarks made by Kenyans regarding the interview.