Kenyans Raise Concern Over Charlene Ruto's Dress Code

Kenyans have expressed concern about President William Ruto's daughter Charlene Ruto's dress codes, particularly at various events. She is well-known for her simplicity and humility.

Kenyans Raise Concern Over Charlene Ruto's Dress Code

Recently, Charlene was seen dressed in a pair of rugged jeans and a colorful top during a church service in Morocco. Kenyans expressed their concerns stating that it was very inappropriate for her to match out in such a dress code, especially when attending a church service.

Charlene revealed that she had visited the country for official engagements.

St Andrews Anglican Church Tangier, Morocco. PHOTO FILE

Many Kenyans came out stating that a church is a holy ground and that she should adhere to obeying it.

Today, Charlene Ruto was also spotted wearing a beautiful long orange dress with a black hat. Her dress was seen to slightly slant on one side revealing one black strap of her inner cloth.

Charlene Ruto in an orange dress and a black hat. TWITTER

Charlene Ruto at The Hay Hassani Youth Service Centre in Tangier, Morocco. TWITTER

Some section of Kenyans have also recommended that she should emulate her parents' dress code as most of the time they have been seen to be well dressed.

Despite having a questionable dress code, Charlene has also been spotted severally being very fashionable. Here are some of her most fashionable moments.

Charlene Ruto at Yaya Center, Nairobi. TWITTER

Charlene Ruto at an international forum in Tangier, Morocco. TWITTER

Charlene Ruto and her friend at an international forum in Tangier, Morocco. PHOTO FILE 

Charlene Ruto during her visit to Embu. PHOTO FILE

Charlene Ruto in a yellow dress. PHOTO FILE