Kiambu Governor Nyoro on the Spot Over Sh200 Million Irregularly Awarded Covid-19 Tenders

The irregular tenders were issued by the executive committee under Governor James Ndindi Nyoro's watch.

Kiambu Governor Nyoro on the Spot Over Sh200 Million Irregularly Awarded Covid-19 Tenders
Kiambu Governor James Nyoro. [Photo/ File]

Kiambu county boss James Nyoro is reportedly in trouble. This is after it emerged that his administration dished out irregular Covid-19 tenders amounting to Sh200 million.

Close sources indicated how Nyoro and his administration handpicked suppliers instead of engaging the bidders in competitive bidding.

The team further issued lucrative tenders out of budget, violating the Public the Procurement and Asset Disposal Act, 2015. Among the illegal beneficiaries included BOC Kenya who got Sh49,010,770 contract for the supply of oxygen.

The team further went ahead to allocate Sh61,084,950 to Hoto Housing Centres Limited for Ruiru Isolation centre construction via restricted tendering. 

This was despite all other stalled projects. "It would have been more efficient, effective, economical, and equitable, not to commission a new project in light of all the stalled public hospitals projects...," reads the report in part.

Further, the executive committee was also accused of selective payment of suppliers where some had already been paid in full, others partially, and others no single cent paid. 

For instance, one of the firms got its full payment of over Sh15 million, while another one had not gotten anything out of the Sh15 million owed, yet the supplies were made almost at the same time. 

Additionally, Sh113 million donated to the county by well wishers for battling Covid-19 pandemic were misappropriated under the Kiambu Covid-19 Advisory Council watch. 

The revelation comes not so long after the Auditor-General questioned how Sh19.5 million was used on airtime, Sh1.69 used in purchasing 11 phones and Sh1.1 million for lunch in the 2020 Jamhuri Day fete.