Killer Co-wife

Woman, 23 kills co-wife by injecting her with poison

Killer Co-wife

The woman who has been identified as Namubiru Jackie is on the run for allegedly killing Nakimeria Lydia who is 23 years. The police from Kyotera District in Uganda, while talking on the case, have said that the two were co-wives. 

Reports have it that Jackie injected Lydia with poison. The police have condemned the act, questioning the cause that could have led to the domestic rivalry.

"She was rushed to Bulamu clinic and was later transferred to Byansi`s clinic in Masaka City in a critical condition. The victim died from the poisonous substance on 23.04.2023. at around 6:30 Pm," the police statement read.

There has been an increse in 'crimes of passion' where couples kill each other recklessly. The main cause for such cases is cheating and unfaithfull partners. However, with the escalation of things, other factors like jealousy have added to the list.

Health expertees have advised that partners learn how to solve their issues. In cases where two learn that they are sharing one partner, they should either let go the hard way or learn how to live with each other.