Kirinyaga School Principal Mysteriously Goes Missing

A secondary school principal in Kirinyaga County mysteriously vanished, leaving his family, friends, and coworkers in worry.

Kirinyaga School Principal Mysteriously Goes Missing

According to his family, Sebastian Njiru Gikunju, the 56-year-old principal of Olokurto Secondary School in the Narok North sub-county, has reportedly been missing since last Tuesday.

His wife said that the principal told the family he was traveling to Meru County for the Narok North Sub-county principal conference, but the family hasn't heard from him since.

The wife stated that her husband had passed by their Mutithi rural house before he notified them he was going to Meru.

She said that her husband returned home in a different car and explained that his car had been in an accident and that he had to leave it in a garage.

“He came with another vehicle and told us his vehicle had an accident and he left it in a garage,” she revealed.

Wilson Koskei, the police chief for Mwea West Sub-county, said that a network signal trace proved the principal had never left Mwea town before last Wednesday when his phone switched off.

The police chief further added that the police in Narok, Meru, and Kirinyaga counties have been notified of the incident and detectives have begun an investigation.

Three weeks ago a principal of Bosto Mixed secondary school in Bomet was found dead in River Nzoia in Brigadier on the border of Bungoma and Trans Nzoia Counties.

The secondary school principal, Isaac Wafula Bukhebi, 47, was reported missing on Thursday, September 8, and his body was later discovered in a river.

He had told his wife that he was heading to the Makhele market near Kapkoi, which is close to the family's home in Moisbridge, to buy some airtime.

Kiminini Sub County Police Commander John Onditi revealed that the postmortem report indicated that the deceased’s body system suggested that he had consumed poisoned food.