Kitengela Woman Allegedly Kills and Eats Baby

A woman Detained by police for allegedly killing and later eating her kid`s body parts.

Kitengela Woman  Allegedly Kills and Eats Baby
Woman Kills baby, Eats Internal organs

The woman who has been identified as Olivia Nasera, 24,  from Kitengela- Kajiado county has allegedly been reported for the murder of her 2 years old baby and later eating the body parts. 

Olivia is now held by the police, where she will be detained for a period of 10 days while investigations are ongoing. According to the Kitengela Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss Benson Mutia, it is necessary that she is detained for the mean time while court runs investigations and know whether she is mentally stable.

According to the neighbours, Olivia locked her doors while she stabbed her daughter to death as they watch through the window. 

From the video circulating in the internet, Olivia stabbed the child while singing the Alphabet- hym. Another neighbour has also revealed that Olivia repeatedly told her daughter, "you will not cry again baby, you are going to sleep" and that the baby kept calling her name but she could not stop herself. She later ate the baby`s liver and other internal organs before becoming unconscious.

Olivia`s aunt has revealed that Olivia had been staying with her boyfriend in Kirinyaga for eight months but later came home to her mother`s house where the incident took place. She said that Olivia was known to be an obedient lady but they had noticed a change in her behavior though they could not suspect such an inhumane outcome. 

The family is now worried of the church Olivia has been attending while in Kirinyaga.