Kitengela Woman Kills Daughter & Hangs self

A 31-year-old Kitengela woman killed her 2 and half-year-old daughter before committing suicide.

Kitengela Woman Kills Daughter & Hangs self

The woman who has been identified as Jane Wairimu Macharia hanged herself in her bathroom at the Deliverance area kitengela Kajiado county.

According to a suicide note, she left behind indicated that her husband fueled the whole ordeal.

she claimed that she was tired of her husband’s infidelity.

Police reports indicated that on a fateful day, the husband had left their house for work and the woman had given her house help a day off, later that day is when she and her daughter Paisley Kaluki Mutothya were found dead.

When the house help returned to the house after her off-hours on Monday evening, she was forced to wait for Jane's husband since she couldn't get into the house because it was locked from the inside. Later, the house was broken into, and the woman's body was discovered hanging in the birth room with a rope around her neck. The newborn girl on the hand was discovered dead on the couple's matrimonial bed.

According to Isinya sub-county police Commander Charles Chepkong'a, who confirmed the occurrence, it was not immediately clear how the murderous mother ended her daughter's life because she had no physical injuries. According to him, the incident was reported by the husband, and investigations into the occurrence have begun.