KOT Attack Azziad after she Posted this About Fake Friends {VIDEO}

Kenyans on Twitter on Tuesday 27th attacked Tik Tok Prowess Azziad Nasenya after she posted a video about fake friends.

According to Azziad, she advised her fans that in order to know their real friends, they should pretend to have been involved in some weird and tough situations to see which friends will stay or rather stand firm with them.

This has however ignited mixed reactions online as some said Azziad was being narcissistic and unrealistic.

Others said maybe it's because she isn't mature enough since she`s barely 19 years she has no experience in what life has to offer.

Azziad rose to fame in 2020 after she showed her dancing theatrics while whining her waist to a song dubbed ‘Nikikupea Utawezana’ featuring Artists Mejja & Femi one. This caught so much attention online.