KOT Attacks Capital FM`s Host Amina Abdi Over Late Night Encouragement Post 

Kenyans on Twitter {KOT} became furious after capital FM`s presenter Amina Abdi shared an encouraging post on her Twitter account barely hours after it emerged that her former colleague Mandi Sarro alias Miss Mandi was trolled on social media for allegedly bullying and discriminating ex fellow workmate Koome Gitobu at the station.

KOT Attacks Capital FM`s Host Amina Abdi Over Late Night Encouragement Post 

In  Amina`s post, she encouraged her fans never to let their setbacks crush or ruin their spirits. adding that there can always be an option to opt out of the troubles.

"Never let setbacks crush your spirit. A plan B life can be just as good or better than a plan A life. You can always turn your setbacks into setups to come back stronger". she noted.

Fan on social media attacked her stating that she is a hypocrite trying to refute bullying and discrimination allegations.

Others also added that the TV girl who hosts a show dubbed the trend on NTV to debate whatever was circulating about her and her former colleague Miss Mandi.

"Kwa your trend show next week the headline should be #Workplacebullying". A Twitter fan commented.

Amina began trending on Social media for bullying after a fan identified as Wanjiru called out her for mocking her friend who happened to be an orphan.

Wanjiru went on to say that a friend of hers had shared a flashback photo of her with her late parents, and it was at that point that Amina insulted her, knowing full well that she was a parentless child.

"Mimi wacheni nicheke juu Amina was soo mean to my pal she came home crying. Yikes !!.Made jokes horrible jokes about her old TBT photo with her parents knowing very well she is an orphan". Wanjiru commented.

Amina`s ex Co-worker Miss Mandi was dragged into the mad after it emerged that she was a toxic colleague to fellow workmate Koome who revealed what the presenter did to him years when they were working at the station.

Miss Mandi tormented, discriminated, and called him names for not fitting into her 'class,' according to screenshots that   Koome Gitobu shared on social media.

Ex-Capital FM Host Miss Mandi on the Spot for Bullying, Discriminating  Colleagues -

                           EX -Capital FM Radio Presenter Miss Mandi.PHOTO FILE

Gitobu added that miss Mandi called him names for not wearing trendy attire and mocked him for bringing food to the office and not eating out like his coworkers.

A number of times Mandi also reminded him that he wasn't fit for a radio job since he wasn't as fluent as her.

"This woman. Felt because I didn’t have an accent as well-polished as hers I, therefore, was not deserving to be a radio presenter like her. And would happily remind me whenever I crossed her (which only happened when I breathed near her) " He noted.

“This woman would constantly call the entire office to a stop to make fun of my clothes when I didn’t have enough money to buy the trendy shit she & her friends thought only those deserving to be in their presence to wear,” Gitobu wrote.

"She also made up such hurtful nicknames for me behind my back. And laugh in my face because I couldn’t afford to order fancy food for lunch so I would cook my own food and carry.” Gitobu added.