Ladies! 5 Tips to Follow to Make Him Miss You

Relationships are full of challenges nowadays. This might be attributed to different reasons which I am yet to explain to you as to why it might not work effectively as you would think.

Ladies! 5 Tips to Follow to Make Him Miss You

As a lady in a relationship, there are things you need to do to make that relationship ain short I mean you should make your man miss you especially now that Valentine's is just around the corner.

Here are the 5 major tips to follow as a lady

  1. Don’t be Over present for him

Don’t always make him understand that you can be available all the time whenever he needs you. At times pretend to be busy and not ready to meet up with him on a date trust me he will always yearn to see you.

2.Always leave him wanting more.

Make sure when you leave the house, make him a good meal or a good romantic text message for good memories. Remember men love being pampered and shown care. Thus, they will always respect a woman who knows how to cook good food and care about them.

3.Dont be  a Spy on his life

Men love being given space and time to think and when you pressure them by spying on every move they make, trust me he will be bored with you, and very soon that relationship will soon tremble.

4.Always have a unique

You can do this by putting on articular oil or perfume. Believe me, whenever he will smell of that particular scent, he will miss you.

5.Always leave Object for memories

While leaving his place leave earrings, lipsticks, or safety pins. This thing will make him miss you more. When he comes in contact with them, he will remember you.