Ladies Here are Qualities of A Good Husband

Ladies, there are qualities you should consider while looking for a husband with whom you plan to spend the rest of your life.

Ladies Here are Qualities of A Good Husband

Money is good but it is true love that will bind you together. Behind every successful man is a woman and behind every unsuccessful man is also a woman so choose where you want to belong.

Below are the qualities of a good man you need to look for in a husband

1.Let the man see the real you

As a lady always learn to say No when it’s a NO and do not tolerate some behaviors in a man before you settle down with him, let him know the real you by correcting him whenever he goes out of the way because when you pretend and don’t talk about it you will have problems in future when you begin correcting him and trust me that marriage will diminish.

  1.  Not caring for his Immediate family

A man who doesn't take care of his family including his parents and siblings but is always ready to help neighbors or other people in the community is not a good future husband, think twice about him because a man that can’t support his own is not trustworthy.

3 Over secretive.

Don’t even dream of having a future with an over secretive man whom you know nothing about, it's very dangerous.

4.Woman Beater

If a man ever raises his hands to hit you as a woman when you're still dating, you have no reason to introduce him to your parents. Do not even think of marrying him. Or else you may spend every day defending your life instead of living your life.