Lady Justice Martha Koome Responds to Havi's Accusations

Koome has claimed that Havi is tarnishing her name. She believes she is worthy to serve as Chief Justice.

Lady Justice Martha Koome Responds to Havi's Accusations

In response to Nelson Havi's statement; the head of Law Society of Kenya, Koome has come out to oppose him. She has claimed that Havi is intentionally tarnishing her name.

"As you are aware our client is an eminent Judge of Appeal who has given 32 years of her professional life to public service. She has served diligently. She has exercised her judicial work completely applying the known principles of the law to arrive at her decisions. In none of her decisions has she been influenced by relationships that lead to a conflict of interest," reads an excerpt of the letter.

                                   Lady Justice Martha Koome Nominated CJ  Photo Courtesy

Nelson Havi had accused Koome of incredibility in previous cases such as the unprecedented night ruling of the  Court of Appeal on October 25, 2017.

The LSK stated that such a character makes her not worth serving as the Chief Justice. Koome broke the norm when she was appointed as the chief justice, being the first female CJ in Kenya. She is also believed to have the ability to solve the disputes between the Judiciary and the executive which existed during Justice Maraga's term.