Land Rates Defaulters in Kirinyaga Warned.

The County Government of Kirinyaga has warned against land rates defaulters

Land Rates Defaulters in Kirinyaga  Warned.
Land rate owners in Kirinyaga warned

Land owners from Kirinyaga have been given a stiff warning against those who have been escaping to pay land rates. More than 1000 land owners have been cautioned by the County government regarding the issue. 

The county government has published a public notice with  a 30 days warning after which it may reposses the lands.

The notice read,  "Persuant to the provision of Land Act 2012, County Givernment Acts 2012,and the National Land Commission of Kirinyaga hereby issues notice to the herein wiithin listed property to clear the outstanding land rates failure to which the government will institute measures and reposses the plots."