Leaked Video Of President Uhuru Complaining About His State Job, Terming Politics As Useless

While many Kenyans may be envying the president over his red carpet and well-paying job, the story by the president himself is a different one.

A past video of President Uhuru Kenyatta complaining about his prestigious state job has made an online comeback. 

The clip was reportedly captured in December last year when the president graced his fallen niece Yvonne Muthoni's private send-off describing politics as a useless thing.

Kenyatta can be heard complaining about how politics robbed him of the precious time he used to have with his family members not forgetting the deceased.

However, that has since he rose to the helm. Kenyatta was addressing mourners on the part deceased's uncles and aunts. 

Yvonne was the child of First lady Margaret Kenyatta's sister Gabriella Gakuo. The Commander-in-Chief has on several occasions stated how he missed his early days before becoming the head of state.

His confession has been evidenced by scenarios when he dumped his tight presidential security to drive himself or take a walk alone in a bid to seek the freedom that many Kenyans hardly appreciate for having.