Let Your Evidence Speak For You

Pastor Ezekiel`s Lawyers Advice Anyone Coming After The Preacher Should Have Proof

Let Your Evidence Speak For You
Pastor Ezekiel Odero

Pastor Ezekiel`s lawyers have gone hard on people trying to mock the televangelist. They have warned that anyone with anything against the preacher should have enough evidence and report it to the nearest police station or take it to the media as proof.

Lawyers Danstan Omari and Cliff Ombeta said that no one had the authority on pointing an accusing finger on the pastor. The two said that the Pastor asked anyone with proof against him should take it to the police.

" Nobody has come to say Ezekiel has killed or radicalised them. Nobody has come to say that he has laundered money from them," Ombeta said. 

In addition, the two said that the authorities in Kenya knew best how to  deal with cases of injustice. They also issued a stiff warning to the media against tarnishing the Pastor`s name and reputation. 

Pastor Ezekiel was released on Thursday on a Ksh.3Million bond or 1.5Million cash bail after spending 7 days behind bars.

The preacher is now against the communication Authority of Kenya Director-General, accusing him of taking part in shutting down his television. He accuses the state for being  unconstitutional by bringing him down through ulterior motives.