LGBT Boss Speaks.

LGBT Boss Speaks.
Photo: Mitchelle Ntalami instagram.
LGBT Boss Speaks.

Marini Founder, Mitchelle Ntalami on 8th November 2021 wrote an open letter addressing her previous relationship with LGBT & Bold Network Africa CEO Makena Njeri. The two lovers who genuinely shared their love and life stories online seem to have drifted apart after one party had serial infedility with multiple partners including a public figure. 

Mitchelle who has been quiet about the issue for a year said, "I will not delete anything on my page with them that I shared. Anything done by love will never be regrettable by me." 

She then goes ahead to say; 

The duo who started up the Bold Network Africa left the LGBT broken as most of them saw the duo as icons. Mitchelle is proud of what they created and as such has a message to the LGBT community; 

She goes ahead to say that she felt used and has silently been in pain especially when the other parties name was mentioned each time.

Forgiveness is an emotion you arrive at, not decide! We wish you well Mitchelle.