Linet Toto Makes it to the Top 100 Kenyans List 2022

In a list produced by one of the media houses in Kenya, Kenyans, where very impactful and influential Kenyans are named every year for their impactful contribution to the country, Bomet women representative, Linet  Chepkorir alias Toto has also been featured in the list.

Linet Toto Makes it to the Top 100 Kenyans List 2022

Kenyans on the list were recognized for their invention and innovation, advocacy for equality, or use of a platform to inspire others and make their vision, both for the present and the distant future, clear.

According to Kenyans, the list comprises of people who have also been seen in various leadership key sectors in the country. In the list, various Kenyan journalists, politicians, Chief executive officers, and celebrities have also been featured.

Toto, 25, is the youngest member of the 13th Parliament Kenya made her way to the leadership role through a process that has left many challenged. Speaking during an interview with a media station in Kenya, Toto stated that she used to send mitumba clothes, chips mwitu and also worked as a house-made just before she joined the political journey.

"I was employed in Bomet town, I used to sell mitumba clothes for a month, and from there I went to sell chips, I used to earn two hundred shillings per day. From there I was a maid for a month then I thought of vying for Women Rep," Toto stated.

Toto on a Bodaboda during the 2022 campaigns. PHOTO FILE

In her education, she pursued procurement and graduated in 2021 from Tharaka Nithi University college.

"I graduated last year having pursued Procurement at Tharaka Nithi University college," she added.

During her campaigns, she depended on donations from well-wishers to run her campaigns in Bomet county. Her thirst for leadership began way back when she was in school and she was determined that someday she would join politics someday. Her story brings hope to those who desire to achieve a dream someday in their lives.

Apart from Toto, President William Ruto and his wife the first lady of Kenya, Rachel Ruto have also been featured in the list. 

Here is the full list of all the Kenyans that have been featured in the top 100 Kenyans list in 2022.