List of Businesses you Can Start with as low as 10K in Kenya & Increase Your income

Becoming an entrepreneur might not be easy in Kenya especially if you lack a target market. Many young entrepreneurs begin new businesses but end up losing because they lack focus and determination.

List of Businesses you Can Start with as low as 10K in Kenya & Increase Your income

Others think that to start a business you have to have a big capital to start. Well, if you think so then below are the facts.

 These are the list of businesses you can begin with as low as Ksh 10,000 and still make it in life.

  1. Baking business

If you are a complete newbie, there are readily available step-by-step lessons online. Start baking in the comfort of your own home, then deliver your goods to clients. With as low as ksh10,000, you may buy basic baking supplies and ingredients.

  1. Cereals business

Here, the basic law of supply and demand is applicable. Cereals are in great quantity throughout harvest seasons, so purchase them then to maximize your income. When there is a large demand and high price point, store the grains and sell them.

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  1. Barbershop and salon

All you need to get started with this business is the bare minimum of tools and skills. You don't require a physical location. Start by choosing mobile services. Your customers will also benefit from the convenience while you save money.

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A local Saloon in Kenya. PHOTO FILE

  1. Poultry farming

Poultry farming is another successful economic venture. You may begin by purchasing newborn chickens to raise and then sell. The profit margin is a sizable amount. A further chance to profit from poultry farming is the production of eggs.

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Poultry Farm full of Broilers. PHOTO FILE

You might offer the fowl in bulk to inns or private buyers.

  1. Farming

Food goods will always have a ready market. This ensures you will make money quickly and profitably. Fruits, vegetables, and grains are examples of fast-moving food items. This is for you if you have a little garden that is unused.

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A farmer checking his farm produce. PHOTO FILE 

Remember the secrete of this business idea is to always plow back your profits into your business. This way you can grow from small-scale to large-scale real quick while growing your money.