Maandamano is Still On

Man From Kisumu steps out in a towel with his three year old son.

Maandamano is Still On

The Azimio la Umoja supporters have appeared on the streets to protest after rumours of  fail. Earlier today, Juja Road and areas of Migori were blocked by the protestors.

A man in a  towel has gone with his three years old son to the protests. He carried a banner written ,"Azimio says no to the high cost of living."

The man, who identified as Victor Eric has expresssed his confidence in bringing his son along. He says that the protests were going to be peacefull. Eric says that his dress code, stepping out in a towel alone, is his signature. Even during the elections, Eric came out shirtless and in a towel alone.

Police have been deployed across the country to oversee the protests and ensure security asures