Magufuli`s Absence Raises Concerns About A Covid-19 Diagnosis

Many speculations have been generated online over the whereabouts of Tanzanian President John Magufuli with many pointing a finger to Nairobi hospital.

Magufuli`s Absence Raises Concerns About A Covid-19 Diagnosis

Those raising the questions include the leader of opposition Tundu Lissu who expressed his concerns via Twitter stating that the president`s well-being is a matter of grave public concern. He further added that when Kikwete had prostate surgery they were informed and also when Mkapa went for hip replacement they were also informed and even when Mwalimu was fighting Leukemia they knew. He posed a question indicating that what is with Magufuli that they don`t deserve to know.

Kenya`s Newspaper has stated that an African leader had been admitted to a Nairobi hospital without confirming their name. Other sources indicate that Magufuli is in a Dar-es-Salaam hospital suffering from Covid-19 like symptoms.

John Magufuli was highly criticized last year based on how he handled the Covid-19 pandemic in his country where he ordered a plane-load of Madagascar`s unproven herbal portion and even refused to communicate with regional leaders about the spread of the virus claiming that 3 days of prayers and fasting would tackle the Covid-19 problem in the country.

But the mindset has been changing as he has of late been seen making positive efforts to tackle the spread of the pandemic as top-ranking Tanzanian officials died. Those who have died include Chief Secretary to State House John Kijazi, Former Deputy Finance Minister Gregory Teu, Former Governor of Bank Of Tanzania Benno Ndulu and first Vice President of Zanzibar.