Malawi Storm

Hundreds carried away by the storm in Malawi to be Announced dead

Malawi Storm
Cyclone Freddy

537 people who were carried away by storm Freddy in Malawi to be declared dead. The storm swept hundreds and burried them. 

Charles Kalemba, the head of disaster management has explained that after 17 days of searching for the missing persons, there were slim chances of them being alive. He has explained  from a previous storm that carried a whole village and they had to use sniff dogs but could not find the bodies and that the case is simillar to the current one.

Head of Millitary Operations, Major General Saiford Kalisha is among the troops who are still on the search for the bodies.  

Malawi President Lazaraus Chakwera explained that the storm has claimed over 600 lives, 100, 000 homes have been washed away and at least half a million left homeless.