Man Arrested in Nandi County For Impersonating a KCSE Candidate

The incident comes at a time when the Education Ministry has sounded a warning to anyone out to disrupt the intended smooth progress of the KCSE exams that began today

Man  Arrested in Nandi County For Impersonating a KCSE Candidate
Education CS Magoha addressing Chavakali Boys KCSE students recently. [Photo/ The Standard]

Law enforcers in Nandi County nabbed a man reportedly aged 24, and who was illegally caught attempting the ongoing Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination (KCSE) on behalf of another candidate.

Identified as Geoffrey Rono, the man is said to have sneaked into the exam room, unnoticed by the security officers and invigilators at Ndurio Secondary School in Aldai.

Upon interrogation, he managed to convince the invigilators that he had forgotten his identification card, after which he was allowed to write the English paper.

However, it later emerged that the suspect had cooked lies. While the invigilators were collecting the papers, it was realized that the suspect had entered the wrong details. 

"Later on when the invigilator was going round collecting the papers. It was found that the candidate had written down wrong particulars on the paper, prompting further scrutiny...," stated the Deputy County Commissioner John Tanui.

Investigators then called the security officers leading to the man's arrest. Details then emerged that he had conspired with Geoffrey Kavulavu to do the exam on his behalf.

Invigilators further cancellation of the Index number involved, while at the same time beginning a manhunt for the real candidate who was reportedly registered in 2020. 

The incident was reported on the first day of the national examinations, expected to be undertaken until April 21, 2021. Education Ministry has on several occasions warned that anyone caught over any malpractices during the exams will risk being prosecuted.