Marital Secrets.

What should/not be kept secret in after marriage and why.

Marital Secrets.
Marital Secrets

Marriage is a 'Holy' union. When two parties form such a union, they become one unit. Openness is the most optimum option to a healthy marriage and relationship. Openness in this case covers both uos and downs. Whether your day goes well or gets ruined, tell it to your partner. Even if you have a bare idea, it is best you open up to your partner. 

Keeping secrets from your spouse has been proven to be the post popular way that breaks relationships. It is better to tell them anything, finding out will always sound worse than the original story. 

Family background. It is advisable that you have a clear understanding of each other`s background history before marriage. True as this is,some things are best kept as secrets.  Tell your partner things that will affect your marriage; family properties, curses and blessings, norms and cultures. 

Your plans and aspirations are not to be kept a secret. When building a future together will need to plan and execute  them together. That way, you will lie on the same page. 

Phones and passwords have been made more secret that anything else in relationships. Why would it be a secret if you have nothing to hide? To build a healthy relationship, learn to stay away from things that would cause fights.

The amount of salary you receive should be your secret. As much as finances are advised to be a secret, such should be kept as a secret. Let your partner only know the range between which your salary lies. This will help in budgeting and surprises. As a couple, you might consider opening a joint account for your future plans.