Matatu Operators Issue Nationwide Strike

The federation warned NTSA to stop any unjustified traffic inspections and called on all of its members to pull their vehicles off the roads in a press conference on Tuesday, March 15th.

Matatu Operators Issue Nationwide Strike
Matatu Operators Issue Nationwide Strike

The organization stated that if the operator does not comply with their demands, a countrywide strike will be held on March 16th.

Operators criticized the regulator for conducting unjustified compliance checks that forced them to pay between Ksh5, 000 and Ksh20, 000.

Matatu operators also stated that the industry has not yet recovered from the pandemic's effects, claiming that the NTSA crackdown is impeding the recovery process.

The matatu operators demand that the government intervene immediately and stop its officials from harassing and extorting money from the matatu operators.

They also declared that if their request is not granted, the PSV operators will withdraw their vehicles from the road countrywide with effect from Wednesday, March 16.

The strike notification came only days after the Matatu Owners Association threatened to strike across the country. Simon Kimutai, the association's chairperson, also chastised the NTSA for conducting unjustified compliance checks on the matatu industry.

After a rise in the number of accidents, the government planned a broad statewide crackdown beginning February 28, stating that the exercise was aimed at solving the conditions that led to road carnage and saving lives.

The operation was intended to encourage effective and long-term enforcement, as well as increased compliance with the Traffic Act and PSV Regulations.