JUST IN! Kenyans Suffer as Matatus Hike Fare Prices After Lockdown

This video shows Kenyans ambushed by an increase in fare from Nakuru to Nairobi. They say it's double the recent price. Matatus hiked prices just after the president announced a partial lockdown in the Five counties.

Yesterday in Nyeri passengers were forced to pay a high price to board a matatu going to Nairobi. Passengers in Nakuru are in a quagmire as the price is beyond their normal budget. Some have been forced to postpone their travel while others pay with agony.

" I can't cater the fare for my three kids, it's beyond my budget. We have no other option than to stay here till they lower the prices and maybe till the schools reopen after lockdown," said Wambui who had arrived at the Nakuru bus station this morning. 

Passengers cry out for the matatu SACCOs to charge a fair price since most of them were bushwhacked with the breaking news on 26 Friday, March and have to resume their jobs by Monday.