Matatus on the Spotlight Over Reckless Driving

Matatu Sacco association is now in the limelight over violations of the safety of other road users.

Matatus on the Spotlight Over Reckless Driving

This is after several observations from the videos that have been trending online.

According to the videos, different drivers can be seen not observing road-worthy rules leading to serious accidents.

This comes at a time a video has been making trends online since yesterday showing a matatu driver overtaking while risking the lives of other road users and later hitting another driver. This has however sparked heated conversation online.


According to a Section of Kenyans on Twitter {KOT} who witnessed the accident, they stated that Kenyan drivers are very reckless and impatient on the roads hence causing accidents and that needs to stop.

Kenyans are now calling on relevant authorities such as Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyamabai to take action on the same just as he did on Boda-boda riders.


This comes just after Mr. Mutyambai had warned Boda Boda who had been violating road rules and harassing other motorists on the road that they will be charged in court if found guilty.

This was after cases of Boda Boda operators harassing other motorists been on the surge calling for Mr. Mutyambai`s action.