MCAS To Wait Longer For the Car Grants' Promise

Close sources hinted that the car grant was to be used as a motivation to MCAS in attempts to ensure the success of the BBI agenda.

MCAS To Wait Longer For the Car Grants' Promise
Illustration photo. [Source/ Courtesy]

The Members of County Assemblies (MCAS) may have to wait for some time to have the Sh4.5 million car grant promised by President Kenyatta recently. 

This is after the Controller of Budget Dr. Margaret Nyakango argued that there currently lacked a law to facilitate such.

Through her letter to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC), Ms. Nyakago further added that some counties had no financial capability to meet such. 

Given that the car grant was an incentive to push the MCAS to vote in support of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) agenda, it remains unclear whether the Ward Representatives will resort to rebellion over the unfulfilled promise.

So far, eleven counties have voted in support of the BBI Bill, with more others set to also vote in support of the agenda aimed at amending the 2010 Constitution. 

The Controller of Budget revealed that since President Kenyatta's directive, several county bosses have written to her seeking the realization of the president's order.

However, several issues must be addressed before the order is realized, according to Ms. Nyakago. Some counties are already facing challenges to address the order since they had budgeted for car loans but not grants. 

Further, other counties had merged the issue of car loans with mortgage loans. Additionally, there lacks a law governing car grants, since the car loan had been created as a revolving fund. 

Ms. Nyakago notes the biggest challenge is how to effect the car grant order since every individual county had different challenges.