Meet the Darkest Woman on Earth from Ethiopia {PHOTOS}

Black Ladies are beautiful and should be appreciated and valued just like white-skinned complexion ladies.

Meet the Darkest Woman on Earth from Ethiopia {PHOTOS}

Well, Nyakim Gatwech is believed to be the darkest woman on earth. She is from Ethiopia.

Nyakim rose to fame after her photos went online and captured attention from all over the world. Her darkest skin complexion has driven a lot of public attention. She later became the south Sudanese model based in America Minneapolis.

                                                                        Photo Courtesy Instagram

She was born in Ethiopia by South Sudanese parents in 1993.

She has taught many people across the globe to be confident in their skin colour. Her dark skin has attracted much attention in the world.

This is after the stigma of colorism has negatively affected the self-esteem of many young black girls and women.

For Gatwech, her dark skin helped her give birth to a thriving modeling career with a net worth of $4 million.