Meru MCAs and Governor Mwangaza Resolve Their Dispute

The conflict between Meru MCAs and Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza over the distribution of ward funds has been resolved.

Meru MCAs and Governor Mwangaza Resolve Their Dispute

The MCAs in a meeting called by the controller of budget Dr. Margaret Nyakong'o on Friday were notified that the ward fund is unlawful.

They were told that the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) or Annual Development Plan(ADP) will be used to identify the ward development projects.

The MCAs added that they and Governor Mwangaza had resolved their differences and were prepared to cooperate within the tight confines of the law.

The MCAs were told in case of any disagreements, the matter should be brought up with the county governor.

"The governor said that she is responsible for identifying projects across the county. We now want to tell the people of Meru that if there's a bad road, call the governor, if you need a bursary, make a call to the governor,” said Meru County Assembly Speaker Ayub Bundi. 

The Meru MCAs requested that the governor deliver a Supplementary Budget to the Assembly as soon as possible to enable for the quick start of neighborhood initiatives.

The Meru Senate’s deputy speaker, Senator Kathuri Murungi said that the MCAs will now keep to their oversight function.

“The MCAs have been stripped of any power to identify development projects."

The MCAs have sworn to focus on their constitutional duties of oversight, legislation, and representation.