Ministry Sets Aside Ksh.5bn to Support farmers

Relief to farmers as the Government sets aside Ksh.5bn in their support.

Ministry Sets Aside Ksh.5bn to Support farmers
National bank to Support Small Scale farmer
  • Equipments to be allocated to small scale farmers
  • Ksh.5bn set aside to boost farmers

The National Bank of Kenya, in partnership with the Ministry of Water has promised to avail Ksh.5bn to boost farmers especially the small-scale farmers to help them in acquiring production equipments. The funds will also help in allocation of fertilizers, seeds and pestisides. Dam liners and water abstractions are among the things the finances are allocated for. 

NBK has alo promised to stand with technology platforms in sectors such as information exchange, produce aggregation, market information, land use and irrigation development details. 

The National bank managing director, George Odhiambo has shared their willingness to help farmers to acquire necessary resources. Odhiambo said that their aim is to increase food security .

The principal Secretary has also shown his support to the move, saying that it would help irrigation areas to boost social-economic developments.