Missing Student Found Dead In School Septic Tank

The body of a form one student in Almaktoum Girls Secondary School in Kajiado County was found in a septic tank after she went missing a day before.

Missing Student Found Dead In School Septic Tank

The school principal Fatma Abdi Noor, was alerted she was missing from the evening prep class and a search for her was started, immediately.

"As a school, we began searching for her when she was reported missing from class.”  the school principal said.

The teenage girl had been reported missing from the school on Thursday night and her body was found at the school sewage tank at around 1 pm Friday evening.

“We launched an intense search in all areas within the school until this afternoon when we noticed the septic tank had been tampered with prompting us to involve the emergency department to check. Unfortunately, we found her body inside," the principal narrated.

The school principal said that the school’s on-duty guards confirmed that no student had left the school's grounds, leading them to search within the school compound

According to a police record, a board member was the one who reported the incident to the police.

The report also indicated that the pupil had always wanted to drop out of school due to poor performance.

Initial reports indicated that the teenage girl committed suicide in the school compound.

The deceased’s body was recovered from the septic tank by the Kajiado emergency department. The body had no visible marks.

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