Mithika Linturi: I Have 35 Cases in Court

Agriculture and Livestock Development Cabinet Secretary Nominee Mithika Linturi disclosed that he has 35 civil cases pending in court during his vetting.

Mithika Linturi: I Have 35 Cases in Court

The former Meru Senator clarified that he is not involved in any criminal case except the recent attempted rape case which was later withdrawn from court.

Appearing before the National Assembly Committee on Appointments on Friday, Linturi blamed his woes on the bad relationship he had with former DCI boss George Kinoti and his political affliction in the 2022 general elections.

“I’m an open book. In fact, those that write and say I have a litany of cases I an understatement. As I seat here I have 35 cases in court. And these 35 cases are of civil nature. I have no criminal case in this country,” Linturi explained

“The only criminal case I had was the attempted rape case and the complainant Beryl Akoth withdrew the case where I was actually the complainant. Everybody knows the kind of bad relationship I had with the DCI and the political position I had taken in the last election,” he added

Linturi, however, said he now wants to only focus on Kenyans in the Agriculture Ministry docket if he is approved by the committee.

“I have fought so many cases and I don’t think I have the energy. I want to frame my mind given the opportunity to work for this country I must also let it go, and forget the pain and persecution I have gone through. I have left it to their conscience and God to deal with them because they are many,” he said