Mixed Reactions as Governor Nyong`o Suspends Kisumu County Officials

Following an incident on Wednesday 24th where Kisumu city council Askaris dragged a woman by the name Beatrice Mugolo on the tarmac, Kisumu County Governor Anyang' Nyong'o suspended 12 County askaris over the fateful incident.

Mixed Reactions as Governor Nyong`o Suspends Kisumu County Officials
Kisumu Governor Anyang` Nyongo`

Kenyans on Twitter {KOT} have however reacted furiously towards governor Nyongo`s move stating that suspending the county Askaris is not the solution.

According to the netizens they want governor Nyong`o to oust the Askaris from their duties and justice to prevail for Beatrice Mugolo.

Beatrice Who was assaulted by the Kisumu Couty Askaris on Wednesday 25th Photo Courtesy

In the un dated video that trended on social media on Wednesday 25th morning, angry Boda-boda men were seen speeding after the pick-up to rescue the poor woman.

Beatrice was tired behind the speeding pick-up as a punishment after she was caught hawking her vegetables in the streets of Kisumu Central Business District {CBD}.

Governor Nyong`os Suspension Letter Photo Courtesy

Below are the Kenyans Reactions towards Governor Nyong`os Suspension move.

C`est Moi wrote: @AnyangNyongo my governor, suspending them from duty is not enough, neither wishing the victim a quick recovery is, talk about taking her to hospital, being poor and a widow is not a crime. Compensate!

Osinja wrote: Indeed, that was very ugly Prof., Human rights & dignity must be well considered even as you try to change the face of Kisumu. I appeal to you to also consider getting those hawkers a place to avoid such public humiliation.

Raquel wrote: A video is going round of your senior officials making a joke of the issue, with the lady present. Where is humanity? The council Askaris should be charged. What they did was impeccable.