Mombasa Residents Amazed After An Indian Woman Strips Naked

Residents in Mombasa were caught astounded after an Indian lady made her way to the CBD stripped naked and sat on the crocodile sculpture at the Digo Road roundabout on the evening of October 30.

Mombasa Residents Amazed After An Indian Woman Strips Naked

According to pictures making rounds online, the Indian lady sat on the sculpture as she enjoyed a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of beer. Residents in the area were shocked and everyone ran to the scene to witness the astonishing move made by the lady.

Her presence in the roundabout led to a huge traffic jam witnessed in the road as the movement became difficult. The police and the Mombasa traffic marshalls had to step in and rescue the situation to make a thorough pass for the motorists.

Traffic snarls up at Mombasa CBD. TWITTER

Netizens also accused the police officers of attending to the motorists in order to reduce the jam in the roundabout rather than making a step to go and cover up the woman who was the center of attention to every one that passed on the road.

Some netizens went ahead to speculate that the lady could probably be experiencing mental health disorder as she was also later seen at the same spot fully dressed. It is not yet known why the Indian woman pulled such a move at the Mombasa CBD.

Indian woman strips naked at Mombasa CBD. TWITTER

Here are some comments on what netizens had to say about the incident.