Motion To Impeach Governor Mwangaza Gets Filed By Meru MCA

A motion to impeach Meru County Governor, Kawira Mwangaza has been submitted to the Meru County Assembly by a Meru MCA, Dennis Kiogora.

Motion To Impeach Governor Mwangaza Gets Filed By Meru MCA

The motion to remove Mwangaza was put out by Kiogora, Abogeta West MCA, who also serves as the Minority Chief Whip.

The impeachment motion has been annexed by 68 MCAs out of the total 69MCAs

He filed the petition on the grounds that Governor Mwangaza had violated the Leadership and Integrity Act of Section 10 of the Constitution.

Governor Mwangaza has been accused by Kiogora of gross misconduct and misuse of power. He alleges she has committed a number of "discreditable activities" that have poisoned the environment and drawn scorn to the county.

"The Governor has engaged in multiple discreditable acts that severally and collectively amount to gross violation of the Constitution, gross violation of various national and county laws, abuse of office, and gross misconduct," reads part of the petition.

"The office of the Governor, the Assembly, and its leadership and the people of Meru County to, embarrassment, ridicule, and disrepute," he added.

Governor Mwangaza is also accused of breaking ten other national and local laws, including the Public Officers Ethics Act, the County Governments Act, the Meru Youth Service Act, the Public Appointments (County Assemblies Approvals Act), and the Fair Administrative Actions Act.
Other laws include the Meru County Retention and Enhancement Fund Act, the Employment Act, the Leadership and Integrity Act, the County Assemblies Powers and Privileges Act, and the Public Finance Management Act.

According to Kiogora, Governor Mwangaza cannot be relied upon to cooperate with administrative personnel and elected officials at the national and county levels of government.

In addition, he stated that the governor’s protracted tenure in office will harm countywide service delivery in the interests of the Meru voters.

Last month, the MCAs walked out on the governor because they felt she was dismissing and rejecting their requests, which led to a stalemate.

The stalemate between Governor Mwangaza and the MCAs was overcome during a consultative meeting to discuss their disagreements and the parties came to an amicable consensus to focus on their constitutional duties of representation, legislation, and supervision.