Motorists Are Set To Use Nairobi Expressway From Saturday

President Uhuru Kenyatta announced that the Nairobi expressway will be open to motorists for trials from May 14.

Motorists Are Set To Use Nairobi Expressway From Saturday

The president made the announcement on Sunday during the Nairobi City Marathon, “Uhuru Classic.”

“We will allow Kenyans to use the expressway so that we see the loopholes that exist before we officially launch it,” he said.

“This will give us the opportunity to see what can be improved on as the government puts final touches on the expressway,” Uhuru said.

The road is projected to minimize travel time in Nairobi and the surrounding areas, particularly for people who will use the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) service.

Motorists using the expressway can select between the Manual Toll Collection (MTC) or the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC).

The government recently revised the toll rates and raised them by 16 percent; therefore, motorists will be charged more to use the road; they will be charged up to Ksh.360

Skaters, pedestrians, tuk-tuks, wheelbarrows, motorcycles, and bicycles are prohibited from using the 27-kilometer expressway.

Motorists using the expressway must travel at 80 km/h. U-turns and reversals are prohibited, and vehicles from the expressway and in case motorists miss their planned exit, they must go to the next toll station to exit.

Photography, graffiti, scribbling, as well as setting up billboards without prior authorization have also been prohibited on the expressway property.