MPS Allied to DP Ruto Reveal Plans to Quit Jubilee

Although UDA has on several occasions been associated with the DP, it has still been unclear over DP Ruto's contribution to the party that comprises of MPs associated with him.

MPS Allied to DP Ruto Reveal Plans to Quit Jubilee
Some of the politicians allied to DP Ruto at the UDA offices. [Photo/ Nation]

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party reportedly allied to the Deputy President [DP] William Ruto has revealed plans over how it intends to carry victory home in 2022.

The national assembly representatives have hinted at how they will denounce Jubilee by May 2022, a few months to the elections. However, political experts have warned the legislators against taking such a move as early as now.

At the same time, Keiyo South legislator Daniel Rono maintained that some will quit as early as before the end of the year, given the deteriorating relationship between DP Ruto and the head of state.

"Resigning will likely happen towards the end of 2022. However, we intend to promote this UDA because anything can happen...," hinted Rono. Some senate legislators allied to DP lost their positions at the start of this week.

Hardly a day after, the Senate Majority leader Irungu Kang'ata was also ousted on grounds that he was sneaking party's secrets to the outsiders.

With the increasing enmity between Jubilee and DP Ruto allies, it is quite clear that it will hard for MPs to cling to power using Jubilee ticket come 2022 thus desire to build the UDA.

Speculations are so rife also that DP Ruto himself may be using the UDA Party's ticket to ride to the statehouse come 2022. 

Contacted recently over the issue, the DP's office Communication's Director denied any knowledge about the said UDA party, maintaining that the DP was still part of the ruling party.