Inside MP's Plan To Criminalize Hustler vs Dynasty narrative

Parliament's National Security Committee plans to Criminalise the use of Hustlers versus dynasties narrative arguing that the remarks should be classified as hate speech. 

Inside MP's Plan To Criminalize Hustler vs Dynasty narrative

The Deputy President William Ruto is known for using the Hustler narrative which is seen as his 2022 political strategy. He has always defended the strategy claiming that it's foundation is based on bottom to top politics where the common mwananchi has a say in the government more than the politician.

The Parliament committee led by Kiambaa Mp Paul Koinange wants the National Cohesion and Integration Act amended to include class as basis for incitement.The law clearly states that it recognises discrimination and incitement on the basis of religion,nation, race and ethnicity.

Koinange stated that there is no difference between those inciting people along tribal lines and class lines and that the law needs to catch up with this form of hate.

Ruto's opponents said that the narrative have been misinterpreted by followers and Kenyans citizens at large and is only instilling hatred and turning people against the government. 

President Kenyatta at State Lodge Sagana in his statement was seen to attack his Dp where he said that if you are truly intentional about helping the youth you should ensure that the funds from the government actually get to the ground. He further stated that the solution to the problems of the youths was not wheelbarrows but jobs and that they need to be independent.