MPs Threaten to Impeach Trade CS, Moses Kuria

Following the comments made by Moses Kuria, cabinet secretary for Trade, Investment, and Industry, on GMO maize, several members of parliament have threatened to impeach him.

MPs Threaten to Impeach Trade CS, Moses Kuria

Among the Rift Valley leaders who have proposed the motion is Pokot South MP David Pkosing who stated that they are set to collect signatures on Wednesday 23 to impeach him if he doesn't change.

"He will be the first Cabinet Secretary to leave office. We will impeach him. We will collect signatures if he doesn't change," David stated.

Apart from him, Nandi senator, Samson Cherargei has also reacted stating that it is not the right time for the GMO maize to be imported into the country as many farmers in the Rift Valley region are now harvesting.

"The importation of duty-free maize is not fair to us maize farmers because of its wrong timing. In the Rift Valley, we are currently harvesting maize now it shall lower the prices of maize," Cherargei stated.

He further added that they are set to schedule a meeting with MPs from the areas where the maize production is high.

"We shall tomorrow meet MPs of maize growing areas to develop a sustainable solution on the matter," Cherargei stated.

The government announced that Kenya would receive several tonnes of maize, days after the government stated that it will open a window for duty-free GMO maize to enter the country.

Several leaders have been seen to oppose the directive including Azimio la Umoja leader, Raila Odinga vowed to lead a powerful campaign against the government's plans to import GMO maize.