Ms Ngok Nominated for the Deputy Governor Post

Prof Chepkwony finally fowards Ms Ngok's name to the County Assembly for vetting.


Following the request to nominate a woman for the deputy governor position during  the burial of the late Ms Kikwai; former deputy governor. Governor Paul Chepkwony has nominated Ms Ngok; the current CEC member in charge of Sports,Education, Culture and  Social Services. Chepkwony said that this nomination will  promote the contiunity in the distribution of elective seats and gender balance. He forwarded her name to the county assembly for vetting; she's likely to the seat.
“I hereby nominate Ms Ngok as the Deputy Governor, County Government of Kericho for the remainder of my tenure of administration pursuant to the provisions of Article 182(2) of the Constitution as read with section 32 (C) and 32 (D) of the County Governments’ Act (Act. No 11 of 2020), and Section 22, 25 and 26 of the Election Act, 2011,” Prof Chepkwony said in a letter addressed to Speaker of the County Dominic Rono.
Governor Chepkwony added that Ms Ngok meets all the  requirements for nomination to the post and has all the qualifications, leadership qualities and competencies necessary for the demanding job.