Murang`a County Youths Against Kenya Kwanza

Murang`a county youths say that they are not satisfied by the Kenya Kwana leadership, saying they are not included.

Murang`a County Youths Against Kenya Kwanza

Youths from Murang`a county have expressed their disatisfaction by the Kenya Kwanza leadeship. While speaking during the Azimio la Umoja meeting in Murang`a, the youths have pointed out some sectors that they feel they have  been left behind. 

Some of the factors were the levels of jiggers infection in the county. The youth also said they felt left behind as farmers.  They alleged that the Kenya Kwanza was not delivering according to the promises they made during campaigns. 

A farmer came out to reveal the high taxed are burdening the cost of production.  Peter Mbugua, who is a fruit farmer from Gatanga said that everything was being expensive yet they earned so little. 

Women have also complained on the unemployment rates in the county. They complained that the government is yet to launch  the projects meant to support women as they had promised.