Murder Suspect Lawrence Warunge Denies Killing His Family Members

Warunge has been in detention since December 2020 when he got arrested for allegedly killing his family members over unknown reasons.

Murder Suspect Lawrence Warunge Denies Killing His Family Members
Murder suspect Lawrence Warunge. [Photo/ File]

Mount Kenya university student Lawrence Warunge has changed tune after denying that he killed his family in December 2020. 

Appearing virtually before Justice Mary Kasanga, Warunge denied any involvement in the murders. The suspect was arrested in connection to the deaths of his father, mother, brother, nephew, and gardener. 

The five are said to have been brutally murdered by the suspect. He was arraigned on Thursday after which he will be detained until May 11, 2021.

A recent mental test had declared the suspect fit to stand trial. However, two previous tests had stated that Warunge was not fit to face any trial.

This is after the tests found the history of smoking marijuana, drinking spirits, and disillusionment spirits by the suspect. Warunge's co-accused Ms. Sarah Muthoni has since been freed.

Ms. Muthoni was set free following a successful application by the prosecution team to have her made a state witness. The decision was reached following the urge by the prosecution to dig more about the deaths.