Myanmar Court Suspends Suu Kyi Hearing over Internet Hitches

A Myanmar Military court has suspended leader Suu Kyi`s hearing that was set for Monday 15th over Internet issues that are currently being experienced in the country.

Myanmar Court Suspends Suu Kyi Hearing over Internet Hitches

According to the Legal head team, the court was unable to hold a virtual hearing on Monday for ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi because of internet problems.
The hearing has further been postponed until March 24th.
Leader Suu was detained by the Myanmar Military coupe after she was accused of being involved in the fraudulent elections that took place last year on November 20th.

According to the court, Suu accepted illegal payments of $600,000, which is equivalent to 65,400,000.00 Kenyan Shilling plus gold while she was still in Government.

Myanmar Citizens On the streets of Yangon Seeking Justice for their leader Suu Kyi: Source  Myanmar Now

This was stated by a Junta Spokesman, adding that the information had been verified and many people were being questioned.

On the other hand, Brigadier General Zaw Min Tun also said President Win Myint, plus several cabinet ministers, had also engaged in corruption and he had pressured the country’s election commission not to act on the military’s reports of irregularities.

This comes at a time Myanmar security forces had murdered at least 38 citizens on March 14th. In addition, Chinese-funded factories were also set on a blaze. Earlier on, Myanmar had accused China that it was involved in supporting the military coup by importing weapons used by the military and some unknown goods in the country. A move that perhaps could have angered them and attributed to the recent attacks.

Source Myanmar Now