Myanmar Junta Destroys Slain Protesters Monuments Amid ‘illegal’ Burials

Myanmar Junta troops allied to the military council destroyed a gravesite for civilians killed by their regime in Bago on Monday 19th terming the act as illegal.

Myanmar Junta Destroys  Slain Protesters Monuments Amid ‘illegal’ Burials

According to  Myammar Locals, 3 trucks carrying soldiers came to the Sinphyukin cemetery on Monday, April,19th  morning and began desecrating the graves.

This incident came just after the locals had just buried around 12 fallen protesters together and created a monument at the shared gravesite. Their names and ages were also featured and described each of them as a “Spring Revolution Hero.”

                                  Myanmar detained Leader Suu Kyi Photo courtesy

The eyewitness told Myanmar Now on Monday afternoon that the bodies that had been dug up by the troops were left above ground. 

“The graves are recent, only since early April, I’d say. The corpses are still decomposing and it just smells so bad,” a local who witnessed the raid on the cemetery said.

“They’re raiding the graves and taking out the bodies. They said they would put the bodies into separate graves because these graves are ‘illegal.’ I don’t know what law they are referring to,” he said.