Myanmar Junta Military Kills 8 more Civilians in Mandalay

At least eight people, including a 14-year-old boy and two rescue workers, were killed at a low-cost housing complex in Mandalay’s Chanmyathazi township on Monday 22nd after regime forces opened fire on residents.

Myanmar Junta Military Kills 8 more Civilians in Mandalay

According to the residents they stated that the attack took place even though no protests were taking place inside or near the Mya Yee Nandar housing complex at the time it was raided.

Further information from the eyewitnesses stated that nearly 300 heavily armed soldiers in dozen trucks arrived at the complex with two loaded bulldozers at around 10 am on Monday 22nd and begun beating up the innocent residents who were not demonstrating but o their own businesses..

The complex, which is home to thousands of government workers and retired pensioners, was surrounded before it came under assault, the witnesses said.

Myanmar residents  on the Streets on Tuesday 23rd Photo Courtesy

This comes at a time Myanmar leader Suu Kyi's hearing that was set for Monday 15th was postponed until March 24th due to Internet issues that were being experienced in the country.

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Leader Suu was detained by the Myanmar Military coupe after she was accused of being involved in the fraudulent elections that took place last year on November 20th, 2020.

According to the court, Suu accepted illegal payments of $600,000, which is equivalent to 65,400,000.00 Kenyan Shilling plus gold while she was still in Government.

However, Suu has remained in custody since February 1st where she has been denied access to her lawyers.