Nairobi County Assembly Slashes NMS Budget by Sh.6 Billion

Nairobi Metropolitan Sevice (NMS) is set to work at a fixed budget after Nairobi County MCAs slashed their budget by Sh.6 billion.

Nairobi County Assembly Slashes NMS Budget by Sh.6 Billion

According to this year’s financial budget, NMS will be allocated Sh.2118 Billion for 2021/22 from the previous Sh.27.1 in the financial year ending June 2021.

However, the MCAs allocated themselves Sh.39.6 Billion up from Sh.37.7 Billion in the past year.

In the detailed county fiscal strategy paper, Sh.21billion given to the NMS will help to fund the functions they took from Nairobi County in February 2020.

In a transfer signed by former governor Sonko and National Government, NMS was tasked with health, transport, public works functions, utilities and Ancillary services, and county government planning and development.

Nairobi MCAs have, however, accused Badi of misappropriating some funds, especially the Sh.1 billion that had been allocated to curb the covid-19 pandemic. 

Further, the MCAs accused the NMS of not having records explaining how they spent the money issued by the National government.