Naivas Supermarkets Confirms Threat

The Navas Supermarkets Chain has Confirmed Threats for a Ransom

Naivas Supermarkets Confirms Threat
Naivas Supermarkets confirms online threats

An online criminal organization was reportedly threatening the chain supermarkets, claiming that they have an access to their crutian data. The group claimed a ransom of an undisclosed amount. 

The supermakets, through a statement from its Chief Commercial Officer, Willy Kimani, said that the situations are under control and that operations have resumed to normal.

"Naivas took immediate steps to prevent external sources from accessing and engage leading cybersecurity experts crowdstrike to ensure system integrity," Willy said.

Willy further assured that the systems were safe and that they were cooperiting with relevant law enforcements agencies as they investigate the attack and even similar attacks.

Naivas has also said that contrary to the threats to leak information, they do not store credit card or debit card information on its systems.