Netizens Drags Nairobi West Hospital into Negligence Saga

Angry Netizens have expressed their dissatisfaction with Kenya's popular Nairobi West Hospital, which has been accused of incompetence, which has resulted in the deaths of some patients.

Netizens Drags Nairobi West Hospital into Negligence Saga

According to one netizen, her sister died at the facility after the family couldn't afford Ksh. 400,000 to buy oxygen, and the hospital staffs refused to save her life because they didn't have the money.

Concerned Kenyans expressed their sadness at a time when Kenyan Activist Boniface Mwangi posted on his Twitter page that the hospital had taken over a community playground for expansion.

“Nairobi West Hospital grabbed a community playground for their expansion. They have benefited a lot from the breakdown of government healthcare services by providing expensive treatment to public servants paid by the taxpayers”.

In addition, Kenyans on Twitter are now calling for the action of relevant authorities in the country for further investigations at the facility before more lives are lost.

 Below are some of the reviews from patients who had visited the hospital.